An Argentinian cinematographic story about two soulmates who experience many incarnations. A story about love, life. We are born and we die. We die and we are born. An endless cycle… Beautiful music, nice dialogue, this movie is a meditation on life and love……. “I can‘t touch you, I can’t kiss you. It is easy for you, you are a ghost.. you don’t observe time and space.. you don’t desire…………. It is not that simple, Leopoldo – I miss you. I miss your body. I miss thirst. Desire. Dreams. And I’m still afraid that I will experience all that again, .. and then I will lose it all again… I am an imperfect soul. I still have to learn a lot…. If you can’t learn here then where else? In life, Leopoldo, in life….”
“We either come back.. or we use our knowledge somewhere else.. It appears to me that I died several times during one life.. One day the pilot Oscar died.. disabled Oscar was born. His time will run out soon as well – and the Oscar that you know will be reborn – and he will be different to all the previous ones – and still the same… They all taught me something.. Do many deaths and births exist during a single lifetime? During our so-called only lifetime? If so – then we do not experience one death – but many. Many deaths from which we are reborn – they come with every life change. Every change is like death, which makes way for new life. Even our supposedly last change. And that’s a mistake – it’s just another passage…. Our souls love each other – regardless of our bodies…Without dreams, we are just a pile of intestines and fear,.. Without dreams, we are just a bag of shit….Have you also forgotten what it is like to feel love? Why should it be something special? Love is the only possible life journey….” What are we supposed to learn in this life through relationships? The Argentinian movie – „Don’t Die Without Telling Me Where You’re Going“– is a beautiful meditation on life, love, death, endless love…… Rachel and William meet in many lives. However, Rachel doesn’t continue her journey in the next life. As if she was afraid of the pain which the previous life caused her. She doesn’t want to be born again. Dreams. Desires. Expectations. Pain. Loss. Endless love to William brings her into his life again. William – Leopoldo in the following life – is first confused by the beautiful Rachel who keeps appearing to him and follows him on his journey. They are both able to learn many things from each other and surpass their limits even though they are not in the ideal circumstances. Beautiful music. Dialogue that takes the breath away. Seriousness broken by occasional jokes.. Simply a movie which is worth seeing:-) I also recommend other movies and videos by Tarak. Enjoy watching:-)