My name is Katarina Lorencikova.

After studying at the Kosice Conservatory and a long study at the Conservatory in Bratislava, after much experience which was necessary, it has come a time for creativity.

I paint, write texts, create music, publish articles on various topics. A big inspiration for me are kids that I teach and for whom I compose every now and then. The world of art is and always will be a never ending road of wandering for me. Whether it is music or a painting it is always an unexhaustable amount of variations.
But hold on! Every person who creates something is really just an antenna through which a signal is broadcast. It happens sometimes that his ego gets bigger, only the creative process has given him wings. Art needs humility. We all have a pride fetish sometimes. Some life lessons we are given and which repeat bring us to the realization that we are not the center of the universe.
It doesn´t matter what you do – do it with love.
“Do you want to become a musician? Then be one. But don´t try to become famous because for some people it is suicide.

If you want to become a better poet I will help you, but don´t try to win a Nobel prize.

If you want to become a better painter, I will help you expand your own creativity. Creativity has little to do with reputation or fame. If it comes then enjoy it. But don’t let it become your motivation.

If someone is trying to become famous, how can he be a good poet? His energy is namely more political than poetic.

If a person is trying to become rich, how can he be a real painter when he concentrates all his energy on becoming rich?

A painter needs his energy for painting and creates in the present, here and now. And riches can come sometime in the future, maybe they will, maybe they won´t. It is not sure, but accidental – success and fame are. But a state of bliss and complete happiness is not accidental.

It is not important if your painting makes you famous, whether you become Picasso or not. It is important that you paint with pleasure so that even Picasso will envy you. Maybe painting will engulf you completely and that´s the pure happiness! Appreciate and protect it! They are moments full of love and meditation, happiness and bliss. You lose yourself in these moments and your limits disappear and cease to exist and will be replaced by undescribable bliss.

You will recognize it easly, trust me. If you want to become famous and forget humility and this magical moment – you will miss the song, the painting as well as the poetry. This also you will recognize easily. That is to say the blessing can become self destructive with time and you will cease to be fulfilled. The magical feeling of happiness will disappear. It will become a heavy emotion that will astringe you. Don´t allow anyone to cause this! It is in your hands!”

(OSHO: “Fame, riches, ambition..)