Arts as never-ending journey a communication code (-:

Art. A never-ending journey through one‘s own soul. Through one‘s own knowledge. There are no shortcuts. Yes, they are possible. However if art is supposed to be a bottomless journey of your own soul – you can’t take shortcuts. They will lead you to the same crossroads. You just take a longer path. It seems that it doesn’t have any meaning anymore. But in the end…

The goal is never completely clear or given. There is still the certain possibility to choose. Only if we could accept the theory that people cannot choose.

Art is a never-ending journey of getting to know one‘s own soul. If you are to make art – there is no other way. Briefly and simply – art will not let you sleep. It forces you into a never-ending journey with endless crossroads full of adventures with an endless flock of sheep; i.e. a long journey through mountains and valleys which is full of exciting, sometimes dramatic or too comical experience, caricatures and huge emotional crossroads.

There is no wrong move. There is just a different way of solving the puzzle. Attempt. Mistake. Are there any mistakes? Even a mistake leads to another path which offers magical intricate mysteries, secret riddles of your own soul. Art.. We create some sort of communication code. We see a painting and we understand it. Why? You are tuned into the same code…………

Art as a language of communication. We create codes. They interlock. Mutually. Dancing, singing, music, acting, photography. Perception is its basis. Why do we understand something immediately and we can’t tune into something else?

We send certain codes. Is it us who send them? Hardly.. Without a higher energy, our transmission would not be possible. We are just a television receiver. A channel through which all this is happening. Over time..

Vanity takes you over. You experience your uniqueness, your importance. You differ from others. First, you do not want to be different. However then you realise that you have to be different – because that is how it is set up. No matter what you do, you do not fit into the crowd.

Acceptance. And then execution. However, for execution, the understanding that I am not the creator but just a channel is important. Idol of skills, idol of vanity – almost every artist has it. As soon as you come across someone’s programme which is same as yours – you know it. You know exactly what is going on. How it relates to the person. Patterns. Programmes fit. Interlock. Events are not accidental. They are just for us. So that we can understand who we are. It is important to realise that I see myself in someone else. Sometimes we close the gate. Of understanding. Love. Judge. Victim. Accusation. That things are not as they could be.

We realise it… And suddenly, the circumstances change. However man is an important creature, idol of vanity sometimes becomes overwhelming. And whoever has the same programme – also feels it. Mirrors. We are interconnected….. Suddenly, we start to feel closer to each other. All this happens however only when we are able to recognise that what we see is a little bit of us….. Changing our minds. The most important process in life.

Humbleness, humbleness, humbleness. Rising. Falling. Uplift. Swamps. Light. Never-ending opposites. Paradoxes. Never-ending process. Humour. Important help in the growth of every person. However, all this while being aware that we are only a tiny thread woven into the whole of a larger thread. Cosmic source. We are.. Part. Restless movement, some sort of metamorphosis which resonates in us. It doesn’t allow us to stay in one place. For a while, it might even seem that nothing is happening.

But even if nothing is happening, movement continues. Even a pause is music, even a white stain is a colour, even halted movement is movement. The ripening of fruit is an important process. However, we shouldn’t collect the fruit too early, nor can the seeds be planted too early. Everything has its time… Even silence is music.

Are you ready? It probably can’t be tolerated anymore.. You walk. Sometimes, the never-ending movement frightens you,…??? It’s just the Universe testing whether a task is manageable for you at that moment. It is…. Even admitting defeat is sometimes a victory. Defeat.. Is there any such thing??? It is just a different route.

Acceptance. Of circumstances. Of events. Of lessons which sometimes are too hard. Drama. After some time the dramas change into numbers of caricatures and the numbers of caricatures probably change into dramas. Only that sometimes it seems that the bridge is too long and the route never-ending, that the bridge doesn’t lead anywhere. That it is …… meaningless???

Are you really ready? Do you have courage to be who you really are? Does it scare you too much? Hurting? Is it beyond the stereotypes?

Sight. Hearing. Taste. Smell. Touch…… Touch of life. Touch of death and endless swamps of a huge emotional world which sometimes scares you too much. You want to live a more simple so-called “normal” life. Normal.. What is normal?

You have to learn to love the huge emotional world. Otherwise you are living a lost existence. From the beginning, you want to swim against the current. But the current keeps pushing you back to the same place. Emotions. Over-sensitivity. Sometimes, it might seem that all artists are oversensitive. It is just receptiveness that confuses all of us. Sometimes to see and feel too much – is two sides of the same coin.

Art. Perception – signal – idea – first, execution on a mental plane – execution in a material plane. Dream. Reality. Time. There is none. There is just now.

Art. Codes of communication. Threads of perceptions, smells, feelings, essences, excitements, moods, adventures which are interwoven in a spiders web of a universe.

Art. A dance of the endless variations of the soul.
You hear music – you understand. You see a painting – you feel a mood that reminds you of something. You enter into your subconscious soul. Shadows.

Do you want to know why it attracted your attention, who the author is, why he painted it, created it,..??? However… at the end of the day, it is irrelevant….. You recognised the code, the emotion, with one foot, you entered the soul of the author, and most importantly – into the world of your soul.
You recognised that mysterious thread that resonates with your spider web……….

Art. Souls rocking in spider webs. Interweaving of individual spider webs into the whole of the Cosmic spider web………
Art. To receive a signal, to catch it at a certain moment and weave it into a spider web with another spider web so that the spider webs can become whole…….

So they can resonate………….

Art. Healing souls at a given time and space based on the communication codes…. the energies…..

However, all this happening daily while we are aware – that we are just television receivers through which a given programme is broadcasted:-)

☆Alien girl Kity☆