That’s how it is! Every person has their own way of thinking, every person has their own way of perception. Simply, we are not bored! Mária calls musical bars frames. Jakub on the other hand perceives them as squares. “Aha, aha,… so in this square there has to be three bangs? Is that right?..” Jakub asked confusedly. Yes, those “bangs” are called “beats”, the squares are bars. But actually – otherwise you are right!

The first question from most of the men is: “Are the pedals same as in a car? Clutch, brake, accelerator?” And here comes Toshi. He does statistics and graphs – it is his job. What is he drawing? It looks like a simple graph at first glance. No, Toshi is just taking a note of how the notes go. Whether they ascend or descend. And he plays according to that. And he can play them completely accurately. His thinking is shaped by graphs. He is very accurate. Because they are part of his life and very familiar to him.
“See if your note is ascending or descending,…” I try to explain to little Ema later on. I learned this from Toshi. Her big eyes are getting ever bigger and suddenly they swallow the notes twice as fast. C, E, D,… Suddenly, it is somewhat easier…
Searching.. What is natural for who. What suits who. How people think, with what connections. What constitutes his/her world. Intuition? Or rationality? It is always a great puzzle to me and a mystery at the same time. Crossword. Just like piecing together a puzzle, at first, it’s just small bits. Then however, they come together into the whole. And suddenly it fits. Yes! And we’ve got it! I like this “blink” – this is what I call the moment when the magic indicator light switches on in your head. And we suddenly understand. Our expression of satisfaction is always a clear signal that we have done things right,…… ?
And this is great pleasure for me! ? It is like solving a huge crossword, or… piecing together a large puzzle. And you have a picture! ?
Suddenly, there is somewhat more will and motivation. The joy of expended mutual energy. And the energy circulates in the right direction…
Other times the motivation is waning and it is necessary to make a greater effort. However, it is not possible without mutual communication and openness. It is necessary to open one’s world, so that… the teacher can look inside it, plunge in… Mutual openness..
And at other times.. we just want to quickly grasp something for which the time is simply not yet ripen. This is how we, people, sometimes are… Sometimes we are too demanding of ourselves, sometimes too impatient..
However, everything has its time! Work, work, work… the oasis of joy comes later!
And believe that it will all be rewarded 🙂 Best of luck to all you folks,…